As drilling equipment and, specifically, Top Drive Systems travel up and down in the drilling mast, a robust and reliable umbilical is necessary to provide electrical and hydraulic power and controls from the rig to the equipment.

Amphenol EC Systems is THE leading provider of Service Loops to the drilling equipment industry.   


We partner with leading drilling equipment OEMs in product development and provide full build-to-print service loop manufacturing capabilities.  

EC Systems offers a full range of power, control and instrumentation service loops. Amphenol is also uniquely positioned to offer  hydraulic service loops for hydraulic top drives.  As an Eaton Premier distributor, Amphenol Nelson-Dunn has more than 50 years of expertise in hose and hydraulic solutions, which is applied in our manufacturing of hydraulic service loops.  

Amphenol EC System's produces the most reliable, durable, cost-effective  top drive service loops on the market.  

Top Drive Service Loops

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