EC system uses the latest in fiber optic technology to create custom cable harness assemblies that meet our client’s requirements for materials, design, and performance. All of our fiber optic cable harness products are manufactured in our world class ISO 9001 certified facility and are guaranteed to meet compliance requirements for industry standards.


We support a number of industries with our custom cable harness solutions. Whether you are looking for a fiber optic cable harness prototype or are ready for full scale production, the knowledgeable team at DC Electronics can provide the engineering and design liaison services to ensure success.


Why Use Fiber Optic Cables?

There are several advantages to using fiber optic cables over those that traditionally utilize copper:

  • Transmits cleanly over a further distance

  • Can support wider bandwidths

  • High-voltage isolation

  • Smaller and more lightweight

Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies

Make EC Systems: Your Fiber Optic Cable Assembly Manufacturer

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