EC system manufactures custom cable assemblies for any configuration or requirement. ​

EC system produces a wide variety of custom cable assembly solutions for demanding applications across a number of industries. We offer a complete spectrum of materials, technology, and design options for OEMs needing wire harness assembly products. Our customers continue to turn to us for their custom cable assembly needs due to our extensive industry experience and hands-on engineering and design liaison services.



Our core focus include:

RF/Coaxial Cable Assembly

Power Cable Assembly

Ethernet Cable Assembly

Fiber Optic Cable Assembly

VGA Cable Assembly 

We Provide High-Quality Custom Made Cable Assemblies.

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When it comes to producing the necessary solution, ANDT will go the extra mile to deliver to our customers the exact requirements and specifications requested. Amphenol EC system has been dedicated to meet our customer’s expectation through constant professionalism, delivering high quality cable assemblies on time.

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