CNG Hose 

CNG Hose

Now more than ever the world is relying on the safety, sustainability and effectiveness of alternative energy sources like Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). That’s why OEMs and MROs alike are depending on Eaton® to deliver reliable, durable hose solutions to support these clean energy frontiers across a variety of industries, and Eaton is committed to following through. Introducing Eaton’s latest generation of CNG hose and hose fittings.

Common applications include on-vehicle (delivery and refuse/garbage trucks), CNG refueling dispensers, CNG transfer lines and high-pressure CNG lines.

Addresses these engineering challenges:


  • Certified hose for CNG applications

  • Alternative fuel product

  • Clean burning fuel for delivery trucks, buses and other forms of transit

  • Reduce fleet fuel expenses

Product Features

  • Dissipates static electricity

  • Low volumetric expansion

  • UV resistant cover

  • Designed for electrically conductive fittings

  • Twin-line designs available with vent hose for 35NG

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