Amphenol Nelson-Dunn Technologies (ANDT) Achieves ISO9001:2008 Certification

Amphenol Nelson-Dunn Technologies (ANDT) of Cerritos, CA achieved ISO9001:2008 certification on April 14, 2014 for the full scope of their manufacturing capabilities.  The certification covers the Service Loops/ umbilicals and cable assemblies produced by EC Systems, as well as the hose & hydraulics manufactured under the Nelson-Dunn portion of the business unit.  It recognizes that ANDT’s quality management system conforms to the standards of ISO9001:2008.
Amphenol EC Systems is THE leading provider of Service Loops, cable assemblies and customized cable solutions to the drilling industry.  As drilling equipment and, specifically, Top Drive Systems travel up and down in the drilling mast, a robust and reliable umbilical is necessary to provide the electrical and hydraulic power from the rig to the equipment.  As a sort of ultra-heavy-duty “extension cord”, this flexible cable and hose bundle (AKA: Service Loop) is a critical component of the overall drilling system.  Amphenol EC Systems is recognized for producing the highest quality, highest performance, and most reliable Service Loops and related cable assemblies in the industry.
Amphenol Nelson-Dunn represents the fluid conveying product mix for Eaton and is the largest stocking distributor in the Western United States, focused primarily on the Southern California region.