Instrumentation Loops

Instrumentation loops are extremely important as they carry the first signs of a problem within a closed system. Most modern equipment has been installed with instrumentation that provides instantaneous information from monitoring hardware regarding pressures and temperatures. These signals are vital and need to be immune from the influences of interference from electrical motors, generators, and large power cables.

Amphenol ECS ensures the highest quality of instrumentation loops by implementing twisted pairs within a cable, greatly reducing the conductors from interfering with each other and shielding each pair so cross-talk between them is eliminated. Providing an overall shield to all pairs within a cable is the best option to protect those signals from outside interference, creating the optimal assembly.

Amphenol ECS offers a wide variety of instrumentation service loop options including:

  • Conductor sizing
  • Number of twisted pairs 
  • Types of shielding (overlapping aluminum tape, braid, aluminum tape + braid)
  • Armored and sheathed
  • Conductor colors such as white/black pairs or IEEE 1580-2001 color code
  • Standard black SBR covers are available in hard-walled or soft-walled